Why Chat Cat Grants Pass for cell phone accessories, phones and repair?

Value –

Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass offers the best in value by stocking quality brand name accessories (Otterbox, Lifeproof, etc.) at SRP or below.

Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass, offers quality phone replacement parts and installation often at the same or lower price than the local completion.


Selection –

 Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass stocks THE LARGEST SELECTION of quality cases for hard to find phone models.

Chat Cat also has a nice selection of chargers, phone mounts, wireless speakers, and more!


Hands on-

Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass allows you the customer the ability to try on your case before you buy it.

Chat Cat also has working displays of phone holders and wireless speakers so you can touch, feel and hear, before you buy!


Quality –

Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass does not use parts reclaimed from the public. Chat Cat purchases all of their cell phone and tablet replacement parts for reputable part suppliers. Chat Cat sources the highest quality parts available at reasonable prices. Whether OEM, new, or refurbished, we offer a 90 day warranty to back all of our mobile device repairs.

Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass does not purchase used phones from the public for resale. We purchase our phone inventory from trusted refurbishing companies.

Accessories for cell phones have come a long way, and Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass stocks the best name brands, as well as no-name quality accessories.


Service –

Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass offers Mobile Device Experts to help you select the very best solution to your mobile device dilemma. We stand by your side and provide the answers that help you make the right choice for your mobile life!

Our Mobile Device Technicians are all Certified device by device, ensuring that your mobile device is in the best hands possible. Chat Cat strives for the quality and consistency that comes with certified cell phone and tablet repair technicians.