Water Damaged Phone

Water Damaged Phone

Have you dropped your Phone in a pool, or maybe a drink, what about a sink, or worse a toilet?  Maybe you accidentally washed it?  Believe it or not your Phone can be saved from water, or other liquid, damage. We have a 85% success rate of repairing water damaged Phones.

Let our specially trained technicians at Chat Cat repair your water damaged Phone . We’ve worked on thousands of phones and with our  state of the art machines and processes, we are confident that we can fix your Phone and save it from water damage 8 out of 10 times.

We’ve  seen it all from swimming pools to port-o-potty’s. Drop off your water damaged Phone and let us see what our skilled repair staff can do to save your Phone.

Water damaged phone treatments starting at $50.00.

Rice, or not to rice?

Do NOT add rice to your phone!  It may dry the outside of your phone and ports a little faster, but it won’t dry your phone on the inside where it needs it, and the grains often get stuck in charging and audio ports causing further damage.  Bring your water damaged phone in to a certified phone technician ASAP!  The sooner they get it apart and get it cleaned out and dried out, the better!  Chat Cat’s certified mobile electronic repair technicians will take apart your phone, clean all the corrosion out that they can, let dry for 12 hours, and then reassemble the phone for your use!  If any parts are needed our technicians will call you before performing any other work.  The longer the phone is left wet for accidental water damage exposure, the more corrosion will grow, and the more likely the phone will suffer irreversible damage to the board.

Hair Dryer?

No, please do not give your phone a new look.  The heat can cause a water damaged phone to be come a heat damaged phone.

Visit your Chat Cat water damage repair experts today…located conveniently in both Medford and Grants Pass.