Moshi Audio Vortex Ear Buds

Moshi Audio Vortex Ear Buds

Moshi; Metal, bass, quality

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Moshi Audio Vortex Ear Buds.

Designed for discerning ears that crave for satisfying bass with extraordinary detail, Vortex™ reference in-ear  headphones feature Moshi Audio’s proprietary RigidBody™ driver housing aimed to  deliver fast articulate bass without distortion.

Why is Moshi better?

The drive units consist of high-definition Neodymium drivers housed in  sintered steel alloy which minimize cavity-induced coloration.  This design not only vastly improves low frequency extension, but also renders silky smooth highs. Thanks to the metal casing the headphones are much more durable.

“Since Moshi puts such an emphasis on design, it’s no surprise that the Vortex Pro looks and feels great. The entire design is clean and feels well-built, with a gray braided cable descending from two sturdy, triangular, metallic earpieces emblazoned with the Moshi logo. It’s nice to see a manufacturer shun cheap plastic. The Moshi Vortex Pro’s earpieces are made from a steel alloy, which has a pleasant weight to it—you notice it when you hold them but not when you wear them. The braided cloth material used for the cable makes it more durable and less tangle-prone.”

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