Cracked Screen Repair

Cracked Screen Repair

Chat Cat can fix your cell phone’s cracked screen

Android, iPhone, or any other cell phone, we can help protect and repair your cell phone with Chat Cat’s certified cracked screen repair technicians!
Do you have a cracked screen? Drop your cell phone? Is your touch screen not responding to touch?  Rest assured, Chat Cat is your go-to cell phone repair service! Chat Cat can fix a cracked LCD on almost any phone. Whether you have a flip phone or a smart phone! Chat Cat can also fix broken screens on Samsung Galaxies, Apple iPhones, LG, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, ZTE, and just about any other brand cell phone, and many tablets and e-readers as well; such as Apple iPads, Samsung, Nook, Kindle, and many more!


Is your screen damaged? Is your screen cracked? LCD, AMOLED, any screen Chat Cat can help!

Dead pixels

Blank Screens

White Screens

Dead Screens

Bleeding Screens

Cracked Screens

If your phone is in need of repair Chat Cat is there for your Cracked Screen Repair. We can fix any phone on any carrier, including Sprint cell phone repair, Verizon cell phone repair, T-Mobile cell phone repair , U.S Cellular cell phone repair, and many more.

Prevent a cracked screen with protective gear…

We carry cases and accessories to protect your cell phone from a cracked screen and other damage. Whether you have an Android, Apple,  or Windows device Chat Cat can help!

Chat Cat repairs more than just a cracked screen…

Chat Cat also offers many other services. Phone buttons not working? Camera broken? Touch screen not responding? Chat Cat can help. Chat Cat also offers phone customization. Are you tired of the same black or white on your iPhone? Chat Cat offers colored casings that will actually replace your old casing, giving your phone a unique look.

Chat Cat uses quality parts, trained certified technicians, and backs it all up with a 90 day warranty!

Drop by one of our Chat Cat Wireless locations located in Medford (now Face It in Medford) and Grants Pass (Chat Cat) today!