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Cell Phone Batteries in stock in Grants Pass & Medford Chat Cat locations!


Chat Cat specializes in hard to find, quality replacement cell phone batteries, including the older hard to find batteries for mobile phone models. Everything from internal replacement batteries for Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus with professional installation, to quality standard replacement batteries for the popular Android phone lines by Samsung: Galaxy II, III, IV, V, VI, VI Edge, VI Edge Plus, VII, VII Edge as well as the Samsung Note II, III, IV, V, and Edge. But, it doesn’t stop there! Chat Cat stocks batteries for most all brands of cell phones: LG batteries, HTC batteries, Nokia batteries, Motorola batteries, ZTE batteries, Huawei batteries, Blu batteries, Sony-Ericsson batteries, Casio batteries, Black Berry batteries, and other hard to find cell phone batteries….


All Chat Cat brand batteries are covered by our ONE YEAR OVER-THE-COUNTER INSTANT EXCHANGE WARRANTY!


Chat Cat has been in the wireless phone business for over fifteen years now, and has sought out only the best after market batteries at the best value. We have been tested up against OEM batteries that sell for more and perform consistently as good, or better, than their original counter parts. We warn against buying batteries online as in our experience very few batteries purchased online work at all, or come close to the performance they are rated for. We know that the reason you are buying a new battery is generally because you would like it to hold a charge longer rather than less.

Chat Cat branded standard replacement batteries range between $25 and $35. OEM/original batteries start at $39.95, and go up from there.

iPhones, iPads, some other phones on the market, and most tablets require professionally installed internal batteries. Please check with your Chat Cat Mobile Device Expert for pricing and availability.


Memory Effect in wireless phone batteries:


Although the current cell phone batteries are lithium Ion technology and technically categorized as non-memory batteries, there are still some best practices to get the most out of your battery.

The old Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium batteries had a memory effect that could occur when a battery was charged partially and then got stuck at that point and “forgot” that it could charge past that point. The battery then had to be deep cycled to break the memory effect. The newer Lithium Ion technology does not benefit from deep cycling (sometimes called reconditioning). But, Li-ion cell phone batteries do sometimes get “stale” if they sit too long, and can benefit from a higher AMP jump start (what I call “waking up”). This stale battery effect can occur when a battery sits unused for too long or when a battery gets drained down extremely low. In these cases a jump start can help. This can sometimes be achieved by leaving a battery on its charger (with the phone off for best results) for an extended period of time (like overnight usually). A higher AMP charger will help (2.1 AMP for example). Chat Cat has a battery tester/reconditioner that will also provide a jump start/wake up in an expedited amount of time.


Since Li-ion cell phone batteries do not have the memory effect, they do not need to be charged up fully and discharged completely with each charging cycle as much as the older technology of battery did. Although not required, your battery will, in theory, last longer if it is fully charged and discharged with each cycle. This is due to the fact that every battery has an approximate number of charges it will take in its lifetime. Since it counts each charge cycle as a charge no matter how much the battery charges, it stands to reason that the overall life of the battery will be extended by longer charge cycles.


Using your phone while charging:


Using your cell phone while it is charging is not the best thing for your phone or cell phone battery. It can result in too low of a charge rate, and thus can cause your phone and cell phone battery to overheat. This can cause long term damage to the phone. Although we all (or most of us) do it, the best practice is to cease and desist if the phone gets hot.


How can I tell if my battery is still good? Can you test it?”


Chat Cat does have a state of the art battery tester; but it can really only tell you if your battery is GOOD or BAD…not much in between. We can get a little more information if you are able to leave your battery over night for a full charge and test, but this takes time. Just because a battery tests GOOD does not necessarily mean it is holding a charge as long as it could if you had a new battery.

Another test is THE SPIN TEST! If your battery spins when put flatly on a flat surface, that means it is bloated from its original shape and is either bad, or on its way to bad. If the battery becomes overly bloated it can actually be dangerous. In our experience, this bloating is either caused by over heating or exposure to liquid.

In the end, if your battery is not holding a charge as long as you would like it to, we would recommend trying a new battery. If the battery does not turn out to be the issue, Chat Cat will gladly take the battery back in new condition, within fourteen days, towards a repair, phone purchase, or other solution.


A few things to eliminate before you get a new battery are:


  1. Check the charging port. If the phone does not show charging, there could be something wrong with the charging port, which can usually be fixed or replaced by your Chat Cat Mobile Device Battery Repair Technicians.
  2. Make sure your phone settings and use habits are not the cause of your battery not holding a charge for as long as you would like. There is a list of helpful hints at the bottom of this page.
  3. If your phone is not turning on at all it could be a “stale” battery. This occurs if a battery has sat too long and needs to be jump started or woke up. You can do this by leaving the phone on the charger for a few hours or overnight. A 2.1 AMP charger is better than a 1 AMP charger or less that is standard on most of the older phones. Chat Cat can wake up a battery with their state of the art battery tester/charger. It could also be a few other things: if the phones lights come on but the screen does not, it is most likely your LCD display, if no lights come on it could be a bad power button, both of which can usually be fixed or replaced by your Chat Cat Certified LCD Display Technicians.
  4. As you use your smart for more and more things, the battery life will naturally decrease. Smart phones do not hold a charge for a week like some of the old standard flips would (or still might if that is what you are using). Our rule of thumb is that if your battery is making through a day on a smart phone you are doing pretty well. We recommend charging each night while you sleep. And, if you smart phone is dying half way through the day, there is not necessarily anything wrong with it. It really depends on your usage. You might firs try some of the battery savings tips at the bottom of the page.AMPs & Milliamps:In basic terms AMPs are a “speed” rating that mobile device chargers typically use (see chargers for more information); while Milliamps are generally a capacity rating used by mobile device batteries that will essentially inform you on how much energy the battery can hold. Although it can be a guide as to how long the battery might hold a charge, it is completely relevant to how big the mobile device is and how much power the mobile device requires to operate with any given use and settings. It can be a good guide when comparing batteries for the same device. Although, beware, we have not found that anybody regulates this. So, many aftermarket batteries, and counterfeit OEM batteries out there do not actually perform any where near their ratings.Mobile Device Battery Saving Tips:
    1. Use your APP MANAGER to turn off Apps that are running in the background that you don’t know about.
    2. Check your SETTINGS and ACCOUNTS, and consider turning off AUTO SYNC.
    3. Lessen the brightness of your screen or enable Auto-Brightness.
    4. Turn off your BLUE TOOTH when not in use.
    5. Turn off your WI-FI when not in use.
    6. Turn off your MI-FI when not in use.
    7. Consider turning off your LOCATION SERVICES.
    8. Consider putting your phone on RING ONLY if you don’t need the VIBRATE feature.


Visit your Chat Cat Mobile Device Battery Experts today for availability and pricing for the best quality batteries in the land!


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