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    Buying a cell phone these days is not as easy as it once was. The days of FREE PHONES are all but over. Carriers are now often adding a monthly fee (phone payment) to your bill if you wish to purchase a new phone. Buying online is another option, but can often be scary since you have no guarantee that the phone doesn’t have hidden damage, or if the phone has been blacklisted as lost or stolen, etc.. 

    Luckily, there are other options…

    There are other options! Chat Cat Grants Pass, offers Quality, Used/Like-new, refurbished cellular phones to the public. We can often save you from fifty dollars’, up to hundreds of dollars, verses buying the phone new from your carrier. 

    Your Guarantee…

    We guarantee your used/refurbished phone will be able to be activated, and will work like new! We back it up with a 90-day Warranty. Chat Cat Wireless Grants Pass, often stocks your favorite Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, and more! 

    What is refurbished?

    We purchase our phones from reputable refurbishing companies that specialize in refurbishing phones. We do not purchase directly from the public. This limits many common quality and activation issues that often occur when purchasing from the public. Our refurbishing companies perform a 40-point check to ensure that your new phone will work like new, fixing and issues until the phone performs like new. Often our refurbished phones look in new, or close to new condition as well! 


    With your phone purchase, you will also receive a discount on a case or screen protector for your new phone. We want your new phone to leave our store protected. Although, we also provide phone repair, we would rather see your phone be as safe as possible!

    In short…

    Chat Cat Wireless, locally owned and operated in Grants Pass, Oregon since 1999 carries quality refurbished cellphones, backed by our 90 day warranty. Click on the manufacturer brand below to see models that we generally keep in stock.