Mophie Cell Phone Battery Cases in Grants Pass Oregon

If you are constantly finding yourself with a dead cell phone, like I am, then this case is for you. The Mophie battery case provides 100% extra battery to your phone, extending your phones life span to as long as 27 hours letting you go about your day without a worry. The case is also wireless (once charged) and charges your phone quickly, so it is very convenient for long work days or trips. With the convenience of this case it is the perfect case to help you get through your longest hours. These cases are light, so it is easy to carry them around. They are also protective. The protective quality of this case is helpful if your hand slips when you least expect it. I am guilty of being a phone dropper, and this case has saved my phone countless times. The mophie battery case is a quality made case which protects the case from getting damaged when you drop it. A nice feature that consumers really enjoy with this case is that you get to choose when the case charges your phone. That way the case isn’t charging an already fully charged phone. Once your phone is dying, you just push the button on the case and it’ll charge your phone back to 100%. Personally, this case has saved me multiple times from being without my phone. It has mainly helped me on long flights where I listen to music and enjoy playing games. A good example of a career that this case would help with is anything that has to do with making appointments and communicating with your clients, i.e. a hair dress, a nail tech, or a real estate agent. Being able to communicate with clients in these careers is a make or break in success. This case will amaze you.
See your local Mophie Battery Phone Case retail source, Chat Cat Wireless in Grants Pass Oregon for availability of your phone model Mophie case.