Living well in Grants Pass, Oregon with the new Samsung Galaxy S VI (6)

Recommended Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S VI Cell Phone, in stock at Chat Cat in Grants Pass, Oregon:

Charging the GS6 Cell Phone: 

Chat Cat recommends using a high Amp charger (1 AMP at the least, and 2+ AMP preferably) to charge your phone.  The GS6 has the new AFC (Adaptive Fast Charging) built in to allow for the fastest charging possible with compatible accessories!    Choosing a fast charger will not only get you up and running quicker when your battery is low, but is the best for the longevity of your phone and battery.  Charging your GS6 too slow can lead to overheating and doing long term damage to your battery and/or phone; and remember the GS6 comes with an internal battery that needs to be replaced by an authorized technician when the time comes.  So, good charging habits can be a great help!

Wireless charging is a great option with the GS6 as well since the feature is built into the phone.  Chat Cat in Grants Pass, Oregon stocks wireless charging pads as well.


All the popular brands of cases and screen protectors will be in stock at your local Chat Cat store in Grants Pass!

zNitro Tempered Glass Screen Protectors with their lifetime warranty against breakage are what we recommend for a high end phone like the Galaxy S 6.  You won’t notice it is there, and it will provide extra protection for your phone.  Some choose to rock the Glass Screen Protector solo, and others choose to go with a case and glass screen protector combination.

Protective cell phone cases will include Trident Military grade cases, Otterbox, Lifeproof waterproof cases, UAG, Spigen, Incipio, wallet cases and more!

Repairing your Galaxy SVI cell phone in Grants Pass, Oregon:

Chat Cat’s goal is to stock the most common parts for the Galaxy SVI phone, like replacements LCDs (AMOLED screens), Digitizers, Charge Ports, etc.  Liquid/water damage treatments will also be available for waterlogged Galaxy VI phones as well.   Replacement “LCDs” (actually AMOLED screens) are expected to run $300 of more when they are available.  So, good preventative measures like a case and tempered glass screen protectors for the GS6 are a good bet!

Where do I get a new Galaxy S VI phone in Grants Pass, Oregon?

I would recommend your local service provider to source the actual phone for you.  Most of the main carriers should be stocking it.  Chat Cat sells no-contact refurbished phones, so check in with us to see if we have any GSVI in stock in our Grants Pass, Oregon store if you are looking for a no-contract option.

Which Galaxy Six phone model should I get?

Chat Cat recommends getting the model with as much built in memory that you can afford since the new Galaxy will not have an option to extend memory capacity with the help of a Mini-SD card as its predecessors did.