Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxies easier to fix?

Which cell phone is easiest (and least expensive) to maintain…Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxy Android phones?

Durability – as our repair technicians can tell you, we see our fair share of both brands come through with broken LCDs and screens. I can tell you that the iPhone 5c (with its plastic frame) seems to have the highest percentage of breakage. Availability of Parts – most of the parts for both of these well-known brands run about the same, and are generally widely available. Getting a lesser known brand name will make parts harder to find (ZTE for example makes so many models – most of which use different parts – making it often hard to locate the part for some of their lessor known models).

Ease/Cost of Repair – iPhone LCDs (screens) are generally less expensive than Galaxies AMOLED screens (in comparison to their contemporary counterpart model). Same Galaxy models (S III and S IV) have one advantage over iPhones, the glass/digitizer can be removed (if the technician is skilled and has the correct training and tools, and if the screen underneath the glass is in good condition); and since the glass only is much less expensive than the AMOLED screens, and generally slightly less than an iPhone LCD as well, that can be a savings. The glass on the Galaxy S V series phone was made in such a way that it is too thin too safely remove and complete a successful glass only repair, so a full screen replacement is necessary. But, this all depends on the age of the phone model/part. The longer the phone has been out the less expensive the part. When phones first come out, the screens can be up to half of the cost of the phone new. Most charge ports can be replaced with a “snap on” part, but the GS III is one of the exceptions. The charge port is soldered to the board and thus an advanced repair and usually runs a bit more than the other phone charge port replacements, and you won’t always find a tech with the skills or tools to replace them.

Protection – many cases and screen protectors can be found for both phone brands these days. While Apple had the advantage back in the day, Samsung has caught up with their Galaxy series of phones. We recommend ZNitro Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, and a case like OtterBox or Trident Military Grade tested line of protective cases. Again, if you choose a lessor name brand, even LG or Motorola, you will see your choices limited for some styles and brands of cases.

So, it really comes down to the model, and timing. Both phones are good bets to keep your availability of parts and accessories wide, and costs relatively down.